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Clients with Health Conditions

RCS specialise in caring for older Adults, many with mobility issues, ongoing Health problems and physical disabilities. We’re registered as specialist Health Care Providers and work with the NHS in Solihull, Birmingham & Warwickshire. We’ve provided Continuing Health Care 24 hours/day service to the NHS in Walsall: For example:

Mrs JO, an English speaking lady in her mid 40’s suffering from a hypoxic brain injury after a cardiac arrest. She was unable to take anything by mouth, had some cognitive and severe communications impairment, myoclonic jerks, epilepsy, asthma and COPD with the resultant breathing problems, immobility and incontinence. RCS sent clinical care workers to monitor JO’s oxygen saturation levels, oxygen humidifier care, nebulisation, suctioning, peg feeding & medication, and provide personal care.

Mr MA, a gentleman in his 60’s with Friedreich’s Ataxia, Type 2 Diabetes, previous Heart Attacks, Liver Disfunction, Tracheotomy, a Urinary Catheter and PEG Feeding. RCS provided clinical care workers who monitored MA’s oxygen saturation levels, oxygen humidifier care, nebulisation, suctioning, PEG feeding and PEG medication, catheter & tracheotomy care and personal care for over 20 hours/day. MA preferred male Urdu speaking carers, which RCS provided.

Mr DD, a nice young man in his mid 20’s with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy who had minimal movement below the neck, except some ability to use his fingers, he spoke English well and developed a good working relationship with his RCS Carers.

We provide Clinical & Complex Care staff, who are trained by a practising NHS Doctor, and can cover a wide range of medical conditions & care requirements as shown.