We are continually looking for good, intelligent and genuinely caring staff to help us care for our often quite vulnerable clients.

Apply now! Online Application Form.

    Can you legally work in the UK ?: YES/NO/MAYBE (please explain details)

    Details of Your Education: – We prefer you to have a basic education (ideally to at least UK GCSE in English & Maths or an overseas equivalent -usually educated to 16 or 17 years old – please explain details).

    Details of Your Experience & Previous Training: Some Caring experience (perhaps of a relative) and any Care (or related) training is quite obviously useful

    Do have a UK Driving Licence and your own transport? (Useful but not essential..!)

    We will then usually invite you to an interview (this might be remotely over a video link if the Covid Pandemic continues in the UK.)

    Interviews & Tests: We insist on 2 Tests – a “very basic” Maths Test, and an “Understanding English & Reporting” Test which is slightly more difficult.

    This is followed by a friendly half hour interview to find out much more about you. Our basic decision is: “Why can I trust YOU to care for MY elderly relative..?”

    We’ll ask you to complete and sign a more comprehensive (Government Required) Application Form, which includes:
    References: UK law says all Care staff must have 2 references (from non-relatives), one should be a previous employer. Getting these is YOUR responsibility, not ours..!

    DBS: UK law says Care staff MUST have a current DBS (Criminal Records) Check. This will cost you £56 if you don’t have one. You can ask us about this at interview.

    The next stage is your Induction & Carer Training which takes about a week (if it’s at our offices) or less if it’s on-line. The Induction and some practical elements must take place at our offices, and you can ask us for a Certificate of Training.

    Finally, we’ll ask you to do “Shadowing”, where you’ll go with an experienced Carer to some of our client’s homes, watch and learn, and later actually do some of the caring tasks yourself under the supervision of our experienced Carer.

    This is so we can both discover if Social Home Care really is for you. Some earlier candidates couldn’t cope with the job, and they quickly left us at this stage.

    Because training you & verifying your suitability costs us real money and you’re learning valuable skills during this process, sadly the training & shadowing portions of this process are unpaid until we invite you to join our Care Team.

    If all of this works well for both you & us, then you’re invited to join our Care Team!