Why Choose Us?

RCS have over 10 years’ experience of providing Personal and Clinical Care, and we continually strive to make our clients feel happy, comfortable and peaceful. We’re a small Care Company who focus on the well-being of both our Clients and Staff and care about Safety and Quality.


All our trained Care Staff are provided with full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and are tested weekly for Covid. By late April 2021, 95% of RCS Staff chose to have the first Covid Vaccination and many also had the second Vaccination, a much better record than the majority of UK healthcare workers, including NHS Nurses.


All Clients (or their families) receive a fortnightly “How are you?” call from RCS about their health and we ask if they’re happy with the Care they get. Results are combined with Quarterly Surveys & feedback from Client visits by Managers, analyzed and discussed by Senior Management. Recommendations are then actioned.


All our staff attend a one week Theory & Practical Care Training course when they join RCS, with regular re-tests & refresher training. Further training is provided as & when needs are identified.

Those staff selected for Clinical Care must also attend further in-depth training from a practising NHS Doctor.


We Speak Your Language !  Language diversity is an important feature and benefit of RCS Care.  Our ethnically diverse staff currently speak:  English, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Sylheti, Punjabi, Gujurati and Kashmiri.  Several staff also speak Arabic plus local North African languages. Obviously not all our staff can speak all of these languages..!