About Us

Reliance Care Solutions is a local and well-established family run company. We know and understand that all forms of home care means outsiders going, not only into people’s homes, but also into their privacy and intimacy. No matter what the care required, whether it’s Complex Clinical Home Care, Domiciliary Care, more simpler Domestic Services or helping people with Internet, probably the most important aspect of our work is for people and families to feel comfortable and to trust the carers who come into their homes.

Unlike the big National and franchise companies, we apply a more intimate and personal approach to the way we evaluate and mould care packages, and ensuring that the care is culturally appropriate at all times. Our staff are always selected and trained according to the requirements and demands of the people requesting our services.

Reliance Care Solutions is an adult care provider registered with the Care Quality Commission since 2000 and an approved supplier to the Birmingham, Walsall and Coventry City Councils.